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the final countdown is on. we're now just four hours from the closure of the old bay bridge at 8:00 tonight to make way for the new eastern span. sky 7 is live over both bridges right now. the shut down scheduled to last five full days over the course of the labor day holiday weekend. and opening up on tuesday. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. a new bridge scheduled to open
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tuesday morning before the commute but could happen late monday. here is a look at new, and old bridges right now from our camera. we'll be streaming this throughout the closure on our web site. it's taken 24 years to get to this point. >> and one more live look at the bridges. this is the view from our camera. we have bridges surrounded at this point. caltrans and chp have a plan before the whole thing shuts down and also have a warning for drivers. we're live with more, cornell? >> hey, larry. no doubt bit. escape has begun. folks clearly getting out of town early and over the bay bridge before it closes tonight at 8:00. but we're told that will likely happen a lot earlier than that. freeway signs are impossible to miss warning motorists of
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the closure of the bridge but drivers, the chp will be closing bridge access. the closure going to be well into affect before 8:00 hour. one person trying to gaet cross you're likely going to encounter closure. >> extra chp will be on duty to close east bay bridge approaches. on the eastbound skyway here in san francisco, traffic will be taken off at fourth street. >> a lot of hassle. >> many fear more gridlock on city streets and we found many folks making a break from work early before the clock strikes 8:00. >> i'm rapidly making my way across the bridge before, you know, kinderela loses a shoe. >> lisa says she'll work from home. chp urging everyone to be patient and have plans which doesn't involve the bay bridge. back live here at first and harrison. traffic on eastbound skyway
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will be taken off first street tonight and tomorrow. friday through monday closure happens at 7th street. as for folks who want to be the last to cross the old bay bridge, chp says people don't do it. because you will get a ticket. people have try that had before. chp urging everyone to move along, don't stop on the side of the road. if that happens if you're the last to cross, that will happen by circumstance and hopefully, you'll be the lucky one. fr, abc 7 news. >> cornell, don't do it. i know you're tempted. public transportation will be picking up the slack. bart will be running on full tilt with longer trains during peak commute hours and increase service during the weekend. >> ac transit adding bus with service to four stations.
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>> there will be ferries crossing the bay. best thing to could go do go to abc 7 we've got tloimpkz local agency autos we want to take a look at the approach to the bay bridge this, is battery street before market. you can see crowded. we're bringing this to you to check back in throughout the newscast. >> yes. i believe dick epting our technician driving the vehicle will be movering along about -- every few minutes to see his progress as he tries to make his way towards the bay fwroij get on it let's check in now with the latest in traffic. >> good afternoon, yes. in fact doesn't look different on san francisco skyway. let's take a look at that right now. you can go there live.
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you can see bumper to bumper traffic coming into the city. those are the headlights making it in the northbound direction. southbound side making a get away. we'll take a look at bay bridge tolls now so you can see pretty empty out there. , so far, so good. if you do plan on heading down to take the san mateo bridge you're running along at top speeds out there. further south at dunbarton moving along at top speeds there. and taking you over to the golden gate if you're making a get away through marin county that side looking fine except starting to slow bumper to bumper through mill valley and towards 5 l 80 over to the richmond bridge. that is where things move along at tough speeds. back toou.
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>> another live take a look at sky 7 hd counting down less than four hours away from the closure of the bay bridge. we'll have a special live report as the bridge closes. follow us fr latest impacts. >> coming up, how a wedding plan jer making arinkments for a stressed out bride getting married on treasure island this weekend. then, at 5:00 last minute construction needed to usher out old bridge and bring in the new. >> moving on to other news abc 7 news i team learned of a possible sixth victim of convicted serial killer joseph naso. naso has been linked to another woman's murder now, prosecutors say they found evidence connecting him to a sixth killing ofalju)p06hc patton.
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this plan to present that evidence next month. >> former walnut creek theater teacher pleaded guilty to child pornography and molestation charges. the 27-year-old accepted a deal sending him to jail 90 days. he'll be required to register as a sex offender and bide by a 10 year stay away order. >> we want to you take a look at these men just some of the 23 gang member as rested in richmond in a major crack down on crime police conducted wire taps on the deep c gang. investigator says they recorded the men planning murders. >> when we're intercepting folks to a car all armed on their way to a location they've identified that tells
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you that is a call to action that we interrupted. >> police are searching for another deep c gang member considered armed and dangerous thrkts say more arrests are coming up. >> in solano county fairfield crews remain on the scene of a grass fire that damaged or destroyed a dozen houses in fairfield. >> this fire spread quickly along marigold drive. >> martin lawler lived with his motherhc@z. [ loss of audio ]. >> all right. we're going to get back to that report on the situation in fairfield but while we get that done, let's look at the situation with the sierra fire burning outside of yosemite national park. the rim fire burned 190 acres
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now. crews built a new fire line in hopes of slowing the spread of the fire. 4500 structures are still threatened more than 100 have been lost. today california national guard launched an unmanned drone to survey the terrain. >> yes. the weather has been cooperating more in that area. >> conditions are improving. they don't seem to be an impediment in the efforts. we've got low clouds at the coast, sunny skies and warm condition as cross the area, here is a live view from our camera looking out over san francisco. you can see low clouds beginning to drift in. 74 in oakland. 81 redwood city. 64 half moon bay. another live view towards
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ocean beach you can see a marine layer there gathering at the coastline. 89 in fairfield. 87 in livermore, and we'll take a look at the bay bridge from our exploratorium camera giving you a first forecast for the evening. we'll see clear skies early with increasing areas of fog and low clouds, tomorrow, sunny, warm, mid up toer 60s on the coast. and there will be more warming coming our way. i'll give you a look at fire weather conditions over the area of the rim fire in the next forecast. >> still head no ordinary rocket launch. what it's carrying for u.s. government. >> 50 years ago today,
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presidents, celebrities and civil rights leaders gathered to celebrate a landmark moment in history. >> also coming up michael finney will be here to answer questions live. you can contact michael. >> if you're trying to get out of san francisco now, via bay bridge it's jam packed no matter which route you're taking this, is the san francisco skyway. you can see cars here on the left side of the screen just slammed as they try to make their way to the lower deck.
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we want to show you now our drive on first street. this is in san francisco. >> this is inch by inch, slowly, i turn. just cross market on to first street this is the approach from the bay bridge with luck, our crew will make it before 8:00 on -- we're trying to give you an idea of what it is like right now approaching the bay bridge. you can see it's just going to be slow going. >> expect a long wait. >> there we go. two miles per hour right there. >> we want up to date you now on that massive grass fire
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solano county. >> martin lawler lived on marigold drive. he and his daughter were home, napping when fire overran the street. >> i turned around and i saw my palm tree on fire. at that time, i went inside and saw down to the backyard window. there is smoke. i didn't see flames, just saw smoke. i grabbed my daughter and got her out. >> fire department red tagged the home one of five destroyed. 10 more sustained damage for total of 15. and this didn't start as a structure fire. flames broke out in the grass along i 80 yesterday afternoon, and the fire got over a wall noorks backyards and their homes. lawler lost everything. >> i picked up some guitars they're just burned to a crisp. you know? just metal pieces. >> a fairfield chief says winds fanned flames and 50 people had to evacuate quickly. >> maintaining your house, defensible space, cleaning out
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gutters and trimming trees is not something you think about in the city. it's relative, here. >> he's wearing his brother's he clothes and facing a long list of chores to get his lifr back in order like a new driver's license and social security are card. >> just trying to ajust, taking it day by day. just try to figure this out and try to get back on our feet. >> continuing to survey gage i can tell you the fire damaged an at and t maintenance yard. several person vehicles were damaged. the cause of the fire that started this is still under investigation. in fairfield abc 7 news. >> all right. moving on to business news a syrian group claims responsibility for "new york times" hacking and facebook's mobile push is apparently working. >> good afternoon, apple
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planning to open a store in tokyo. one of the city's upscale districts this, will be apple's first new store in the world's 13th largest city. since 2005. as mentioned a group known as syrian electronic army is claiming responsibility for attacks taking down "new york times" web site. twitter was also an apparent victim in tangs. culprits posted their claims of responsibility on, you got it, twitter. hacking into the company that registers domain names for both the times and twitter. u.s. stocks rose today. s and p index rebounding after an eight-week low. s and p 500 up five points. dow jones up 48 points. bloomberg silicon valley higher led by shares of apple computer. facebook making big gains in the market for mobile ads according to e marketer saying
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facebook should see a share of global and mobile ad revenues reaching 16% this year. e marketer says google still the king of moblg, 53% of share from pier 3 in san francisco, i'm cory johnson with bloomberg west, back to you. >> thank you. >> i r.. a massive rocket launched along the central california coast. the rockets soared carrying a satellite for national recognizance office on what is a highly classified mission. the delta 4 is the largest rocket in the country, 23 stories tall, last time it launched in 2011 the roar of the engines shook the nearby city of lompoc.
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some people reported hearing engines from 50 miles away. three main engines wm(áw ignited one after another. >> i bet you can feel that. >> things looking g a couple warm days but that cool down shouldn't interfere with outdoor plans for labor day weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and if you're looking towards the coast here is a beautiful view of blue skies here at abc 7. these forecast features foggy conditions tonight near the coast and bay. during overnight hours some low clouds and fog push inland and across the bay. mild to warm thursday and friday. we'll see cooler days pleasant but cooler, area of disturbed
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weather moving into the northwest. and we'll end up with sunny skies and mild to warm conditions again, tomorrow, notice how rain develops as you follow maybe thunderstorms following the time line there. overnight into tomorrow. let me give you a look at the rim fire forecast. sunny skies tomorrow just a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms or two. winds on the strong side. southwest 25 miles per hour. higher country about 75 degrees so weather should not be a major factor. back to the bay area tonight mention those areas of low clouds and fog pushing local lynnland overnight low temperatures pretty mild upper 50s to low 60s for the bay area. then, tomorrow, sunny skies in afternoon and south bay highs of 80 degrees at santa clara.
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81 san jose. on the peninsula, highs 80 at redwood city and mountain view. 79 palo alto mid to upper 60s on the coast. 68 in half moon bay in the north bay low to mid 80s in north bay value veeys. on the east bay, oakland topping out at 74 degrees tomorrow, 78 union city. 80 fremont. and inland east bay, 88 in walnut creek and fairfield. and antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see low 90s in warmest locations on friday. but then, temperatures dropping off about six to eight degrees on saturday and sunday. and they'll hold steady mid-80s into labor day inland. mid-80s monday and mid-70s around the bay. pleasant weather coming our way. just a drop off over the weekend. >> up next one of the hottest
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couples in hollywood splitting up. possible reason why the marriage is on the rocks now. >> after 4:3011-year-old about to start his freshman year of college. how this whiz kid will be navigating college live. >> speaking of navigating, well in a few days we're going to be navigating. those of us who use the bay bridge will be navigating in and out of the san francisco right now we're counting it down to the closure of the old span of the bridge you can see in the background this is the newer part of the eastern span. the countdown continues an
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after 13 years of marriage catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas are taking time apart. a spokeswoman says they will evaluate and work on the marriage. the pair have two children. people magazine says the relationship crumbled while both were battling health issues. douglas suggested his cancer may have been caused by a sexually transmitted disease. >> getting back to our bridge coverage when the original bay bridge opened it was 1936 then governor marion held the blow torch to cut the chain right there raising the question who should have the honor when they dot carry moan scheduled
4:26 pm
for monday? so i put this question out and got a ton of responses on first thought was maybe tony ben yet. -- bennett we have support for joe montana and the new niner quarterback collin kaepe kaepernick. >> east bay people jumped in saying we need an east bay person or being, i guess is getting1qusupport. >> another rapper by the name of two chains, there are votes for two chains and clint eastwood, go ahead, cut my chain. all right sni believe that the way that would go. >> you will not be doing this. i can tell you who is not going to be cutting it. >> they won't let me near it. >> if you want to join the conversation go to our facebook page or hit me up on twitter. >> you can tweet carolyn as
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well. >> i'll pass to it larry. >> still ahead at 4:00 our bay y"édere iss a le bridge from our camera. coming up we'll take a look at how tonight's bridge closure will affect people and businesses that need to get across the bay. also, a look at traffic conditions. >> remembering the dream. president obama honors reverend martin luther king junior on the anniversary of the march on washington. >> in san jose, some of calling this city ban jose. but today, city officials shot down a controversial proposal targeted some
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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it's countdown to the closure and now, all systems go. we have a live look at sky 7 hd at bridges old and new. and in three and a half hours the old bridge will shut down. around 7:00 chp going to roll traffic breaks on interstate
4:31 pm
880. and once the bridge is closed tonight eastbound traffic skyway approach will be forced to get off at 4th street. >> we want to give you a live look from the ground right now. and our crew left the station 35 minutes ago. a driver normally taking no more than 10 taking 35 just at this point. he's not yet to the first street on ramp to the bay bridge. you can see it's jam packed. this is how it is throughout the city. people try to leave work early to get across the bridge before the shut down. >> yes. we're talking about concentrating on the bridge. there is people should ab lerted if you're not there early you're not going to be there
4:32 pm
before they shut it down. >> how does it affect peopleiq[ and business that's ned to get across the bay? >> it's kind of a mixed bag. imagine you plan to get married over there on treasure island. what a nightmare, perhaps. that is just one story we heard today. sheer another. a financial hair cut for the barber in union square. some customers cancelled appointments this weekend. >> i'm self employed. if i don't get here, not making money. >> san francisco chamber of commerce hopes not many small businesses will be hurt. larger ones have prepared. >> goodness is that notice has
4:33 pm
been given, plans have been made. >> it comes down. >> no jitters for duncan reyes. he's a wedding planner. and as you see from these pictures he gave us, treasure island nuptials are a specialty. the catering company setting up for one sunday that is planned months ago. >> if i were bride and groom i would have screamed. which is the first reaction. >> access passes from san francisco for the wedding party. >> it has in the been a stressful as people would think. >> they're also looking at the upside in millbrae. the big art and wine festival this weekend with the bridge off limits, locals will stick close to home. there will be shuttles to downtown. >> whenever the bridge has been closed, we have seen influx of attendees, getting feed back from our vendors
4:34 pm
saying it's, it's a god send. >> who knows how it will be for the cal bears saturday night game? the a's three-game home stand, sausalito art festival and other events. good luck it will be chal yempblging. >> like carolyn said, good luck. >> yes. let's dmek now with traffic. >> yes. we're already tracking extremely heavy traffic. san mateo bridge going to be the alternate to the bay bridge for a lot of people that are heading between the bay and san francisco. so you can see those coming out of boston city. so if you need to makeup the drive that is going to be a 25
4:35 pm
minute commute. now going to our waze app i can show what you it looks like in the city now. it's jam packed we're looking at single digits. you want to use that app go to google play and enjoy it. >> original eastern span goes into history, there are those chronicling its past. they're creating an oral history of the bridge interviewing workers who have developed a strong emotional bond to that span. >> people woking on the bridge tell thaws intrij alive. you can feel the heartbeat. it has a beat, then, they say a few times the bridge closed down you can almost feel the bridge go ahhh.
4:36 pm
>> a lot of people going ahhh on that bridge engineers were marveled bit eastern span. it was the world's largest bridge. >> be sthour join our morning news at 4:00 tomorrow bringing us latest on the bridge construction and how the closure is affecting the commute. you can see how close sit to opening on abc 7 and we have information how to down load our waze traffic app helping you navigate bay area traffic during the bridge closure and our link to bart, ac transit and sf bay ferry offering during the closure. gññ followers
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>> hundreds of thousands of people marched on washington in 1963 for equality and freedom. here is what it looked like back then. today, crowds gathered around the reflecting pool walking to celebrate remarkable progress and and to refleblgt on a historic moment. rain, heat, humidity did not deter those who came to celebrate the moment. the president's first black president addressing both the progress in the last 50 years and the challenges that remain. >> secure the gains this country7z÷oñ has made requires constant vigilance. not complacency. >> a bell rang out at 3:00 p.m. commemorating the moment when
4:38 pm
dr. king uttered this famous phrase "let freedom ring. >> georgia lewis is the only surviving speaker, addressing the crowd again today. >> we must never, ever give up. we must keep our eyes on the prize. >> when dr. king shared his dream his children were toddlers today, they spoke as guardians of his legacy. president john f kennedy watched on television his daughter and vice president's daughter were among speaker autos now it's our turn to live up to our parents' dream autos in 1963 few political leader as tended but today several members of congress and both presidents carter and clinton joined president obama. there were more than a few celebrity appearances. jamie fox and forest whitaker along with oprah win free. the bell that rang here today on the steps has special
4:39 pm
significance coming from the birmingham, alabama church where four young black girls were killed in a bombing 50 years ago. coming up at 4:00 are you ready for a selfy? new word in this year's oxford online dictionary. >> not close enough to be old enough to drive or vote but he's now a college freshman. the 11-year-old boy genius. >> today 7 on your side q and a just ahead i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now answer questions here live, later. >> looking down on to the bay we have warm days coming our waichl i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> looking at the san
4:40 pm
francisco skyway, bumper to bumper traffic out there packed like sardines making that drive northbound into the city. goitsing to take you 40 minutes to reach the bay bridge. i'll have details co
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this is a big week for an 11-year-old about to begin his freshman year at texas christian university that. is right. he's 11 years old and is a
4:43 pm
college freshman majoring in quantum phase fizics he's not nervous about it. >> when i was about five years old, more or less i was put into 8th grade. with a bunch of people that were taller and a lot older. >> it's college but his mom says he will not be having a typical experience no dorms, he's going live at home with his folks no frat parties either, young man, you're 11 okay? plus he's going need his mom to carry his backpack but he's ready and plan earn his doctorate before the age of 20. >> i love that picture of him balancing on the rocks he's a brainack but still a kid. >> still a kid, just a really smart kid. >> selfy is among new word added to oxford online dictionary. >> it's a self or prit.
4:44 pm
also, twerking which is a dance performed by miley cyrus. >> larry says he's got the talent. >> girl crush made the list an admiration felt by one girl for another. >> digital detox taking time off from facebook and twitter. >> let's take you back outside live we want to show you conditions on the lower deck of the bay bridge. >> we made it yes. >>ytñ this is traffic on the bridge. it's not that bad at this point i'm going guess they're moving at 35 miles per hour. >> yes. be prepared to take time to get on to the bridge from those approaches in san francisco. let's check on the weather now. >> we'll be stuck in traffic. inland. tomorrow across 48 contiguous
4:45 pm
states mild in the east but not hot. showers scattered about there. warm down throughout the mid section. highs 92 upper mid west in margo -- fargo 97 st. louis. 102 in dallas. fresno a high of 100 interest. here in the bay area another pleasantly warm day. mid to upper 80s on the coast. 70s to near 80s around the bay. probably breaking 90 degrees friday. final day of the week. looks good. >> thanks spencer. >> still ahead a teenager's terrifying ordeal how he survived a wolf attack on a camping trip. >> is it legal for a debt collector to leave prerecorded messages on the phone? who can you hire to change
4:46 pm
batteries in smoke detectors?
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sky 7 hd live over the new span of the bay bridge. you can see traffic still moving there. breaks will be beginning at 7:00 tonight so think about getting there earlier rather than later we're seeing massive back ups on the approach. >> yes. a teenager recalling a frightening experience in minnesota wilderness. attacked by a gray wolf. 16-year-old noah brown lying in a sleeping bag talking to a flind a camp ground. he was mauled from behind by the wolf. >> i didn't hear the wolf or see it no. offense it was there until it was on my head. >> gram pulled his head out of the wolf jaws you can see left a four inch gas and scratches
4:50 pm
there. authorities tracked down the wolf and it has been put to sleep and being tested for rabies. wolf attacks on humans are rare this, is the first documented attack in the state of minnesota only two documented deaths caused by wolf attacks in all of north america. >> that is horrifying. michael finney now here to answer questions and this is from larry l. can a debt collector life a prerecorded message? >> probably. when you filled out the form if you wrote your cell phone number on the telephone number, fcc says, yes. says you've given permission to call you and leave prerecorded messages i would never considered giving permission for that but that is how the fcc says it. so any number you write down
4:51 pm
you have given permission. >> a lot of people now don't have land lines. >> yes. but i didn't give them permission to call for that. >> don't yell at me. lewis asks i am a senior and cannot change batteries in smoke detector myself is there a company you can hire? >> they do it for you free or low cost, senior centers all over the bay area have handy man services. in pal yes alto i know they do. there is an organization i think called rebuilding together they have offices all over the bay area they help senior citizens so just call your local senior center they'll be able to hook you up. >> cm asked if it against the law in california to let your car idle more than a certain amount of time? >> no. that is a great question. no. if it's a passenger vehicle
4:52 pm
and you're sitting knit. i see people pult up, eat lunch and leave the car on. it's like, hello, global warm something but by law they're allowed to. what cannot do that are commercial vehicles they get five minutes and then, they have to turn it off when they start up the truck they have 30 seconds to get going which is a good rule. >> yes. thank you. >> sure. >> up next getting rid of all fattening drinks. >> what officials are doing about soda and even milk. >> in. abc 7 news room crunch to get that work done in five days. and japanese cars that may
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
hoorks here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 back to back episodes of the middle, the neighbors followed by the lookout at 10:00. a city council council committee killed a proposal that would have banned sugary drinks from certain facilities. vic lee has the story. >> yesterday, styrofoam food containers became history here when the city council voted to ban them from restaurants. today, the debate was on banning sugary drinks and even whole milk from certain city facilities some calling the city ban jose. >> i mean what is next? do we ban steaks in the city of san jose because red meat can lead to heart disease? >> city councilman colra is the author. >> certainly in terms of dealing with juvenile diabetes
4:57 pm
and obesity there are rules government can play. >> other fattening drinks are sodas, diets included sports drink was a lot of sweeteners. flavor td red water with sweeteners and sugary fruit juices. the councilman says he was> opponents point to the city's zoo as a model for resolving the controversy. the cafe sells all kinds of food and soft drinks but partners with kaiser hospital to offer healthy choices. >> i hope to continue focusing on providing a variety of
4:58 pm
choice heerz at happy hollow. >> the display of soft drinks has been replaced with bottled watter and grab and go carts d$!=p(9:ñth nut and berry this afternoon proposal killed in committee. maybe now, the city will lose its rep as ban jose. >> and thanks for joining us, abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> larry, thank you this, sit. your final few hours to travel across the bay bridge before the new one opens by tuesday. good reason you don't want tobt old one. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm jand patel with weather changes coming into the holiday weekend. i'll have the details coming up.
4:59 pm
>> we're just three hours from the bay bridge shut down but don't wait until the lm last minute to try to get across the span this, is a live look at as a final evening commute is underway across the bay bridge. good evening, everyone. >> i'm cheryl jennings. chp warning drivers some routes to the bay bridge will start closing at 7:30 tonight crews have been working to make the closure seamless as they get ready to open the new eastern span. gits lynn live from the toll plaza. heather? >> cheryl, traffic is light here at 5:00 in the evening. so maybe that is a good sign that most everybody who needs to has gotten word to avoid the bring or get across as
5:00 pm
soon as possible. if you want to get on the bridge tonight get on the road now patrol warning drivers they'll begin cutting off access to the bridge up to an hour beforehand at 7:00 that is when offers will start rling traffic breaks onto the bay. traffic diverted off the freeway. in the east bay, the aprechs to the bridge on interstate 80 and 880 will be closed and traffic diverted patrol says they will meet deadlines to clear the bridge of all traffic to allow demolition of the westbound approach to gichblt in other words of advice in just a moment. >> closure going to be well into affect before 8:00 hour if you're one person trying to get across, you're likely going to encou

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